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Watched the video above and think this could be of help to you now? If so, book a time to talk with me below and fill out the questionnaire to make sure we are a good match.

photo-1525011268546-bf3f9b007f6aPLEASE NOTE this is not like most consultations. You will know what your goals are, how you want to accomplish them and resources to get started. This call is to help couples and parents like you, to pinpoint the challenges and communication struggles in your relationships, live and in real time. Sessions are first come first serve so please reserve your time now before our schedule fills up.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Assess Your Perspectives and Goals for yourself and in your relationships
  • Create a program and plan that is unique to helping you achieve the goals you set, guilt and shame free

  • Help you take action and be accountable to your goals and dreams
  • Grow with you as you find safety in the freedom you create by living the life you design

"I have been a self development junky and have worked in the mental health field for over a decade now. What I do, is help people go from being stuck with feelings of guilt and shame to help them find safety in the freedom they create in their life. I not only have lived to tell my story, I have worked with families and gotten an education - so thriving through conflict, challenge and fear is nothing new. I hope you are someone who chooses to go all hands on deck and uses the many resources that helped save my life and many others."

-Stephanie Sylvia 

Founder, Safety In Freedom, LLC

What Do Clients Say After Working With Me?

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“Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate for her profession. She applies her education and personal experiences in helping couples and individuals to find personal growth in their own relationships. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life.”

Trusted Connection

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“Whatever is the highest rating I can give to Stephanie is what I would give. Stephanie is exceptional in her field as well as a person. She is relatable and also maintains a coaching role. I enjoy being the student as well as the teacher. Working through some layers of self care and self worth is going to take time and I love the journey. Stephanie is honest, raw and authentic. I appreciate every session and I am thankful for Stephanie!”

Passionate Mom

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“Life is a journey of peaks and valleys. Sometimes in the valley you get stuck in deep mud. Stephanie has been an enlightening resource and has helped me realize things I needed to get me to a place of peace. She cares deeply for others and their happiness. She has challenged me to dig deeper within my self and it has help me revive what has been missing.”

Trusting Bachelor