Relationship Mentoring helps individuals find safety in Freedom!

Stephanie is well-known as a kind, yet firm mentor, who helps you stick to your goals and work through the discomfort that growth can sometimes be. 



So What is her Secret?

When Stephanie was a child, she experienced many disadvantages. She realized she could either let those disadvantages hold her back or she could take back control. 

Since this time, she has dedicated her time and energy to living life in alignment in accordance to how she wants to feel, while also helping others learn to do the same. You deserve to be assertive in your needs and not discount your desires because someone else is unable to handle this journey.

Original this journey was endured to create a better life than she ha, for her children. Since seeing the success of breaking generational patterns, in her own family, she has been empowered to help others do the same.

This is why those who desire to make themselves a priority, turn to Stephanie and the Intimacy Truths Method.

Stephanie's clients are those who are ready to take action and stay determined to accomplish their goals. While each client is unique in their own way, each client is ready and willing to get uncomfortable in order to experience the growth they desire. 

In many ways, Stephanie desires to teach you the cliff notes of all the years in school and working in the helping field, searching for the answers, just to find out they are actually inside each of us. It takes the right person to show us how to access them. Stephanie is that person.

The Mission of Safety In Freedom, LLC

We help individuals and couples (like you) find safety in freedom by implementing new skills to confidently and assertively state your needs; learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships; and securely state your desires with Sexual Intimacy. 

Our 3 Core Values:

Lead with determination.

Develop accountability through collaboration.

Create, experience and commit to change.


"Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate for her profession. She applies her education and personal experiences in helping couples and individuals to find personal growth in their own relationships. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life."


-Trusting Program Participant
Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur seeking a change in her life.