Intimacy and Relationship Mentoring

For Couples and Families

Free Bachelorette Party

This is a great opportunity to get connected with your Intimate self! We offer a wide variety of support from bath and beauty to bedroom accessories. 

Want to learn more Fill out the form below and we will set you up for a night out. 

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Clarify You-4

Clarify You | Transformation

Are you struggling with self love, self acceptance and self importance?

This transformational experience will help you break through the barriers and help you gain back control!

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Self Exploration

Our signature experience for Veterans and their Families, wondering how to own their power, embrace who they are and break the cycles they feel stuck in. 

This 12 week program was designed to help you gain control of your happiness, strengthen your communication and confidential show up in the world. 

It is time to shine your light as bright as you desire, hone your assertiveness skills, and living your life the way you desire! Will we see you in your next session?

Starting at $2497


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Relationship Exploration

A, go at your pace experience, for couples or parents, wondering how to make your relationship a priority, understanding each others love languages and confidently having challenging conversations.

This 6 month program was designed to help you increase your happiness in your relationships, reignite the excitement in your relationship and increase your desire to be together. 

It is time to take back control of your connection with a partner or other people in your life. 

Starting at $4997


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Sexual Health Exploration

This is an exclusive program for couples looking to increase their confidence, enjoyment and desire for sexual intimacy. By private invitation only.



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