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Are you struggling with deep, deep feelings of guilt and shame?

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What Clarify You Will Do For You Starting TODAY!

This Program will help you break through the barriers of self doubt, self sabotage and denying self love. Ultimately helping you gain back control, resulting in happiness, confidence and self compassion.

Discovering your VALUES 

Defining the values you live by, helps ground your decision making during challenging times.

Recognizing your STRENGTHS

Focusing on the powerful skills you have allows you to shine your light as bright as you desire. 

Learning Self-Compassion

Accepting how valuable and powerful you are; how amazing this world is with your presence; and how deserving you are of your own love!

  • Safety In Freedom

    “"The Clarify You Program has given me the starting point to my journey. I was able to understand what I truly want and now I have a plan on how to get there."”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “I am always on the look out for new programs to help me gain the focus I crave in my life. This easy program helped me get back to basics. I now feel confident in my ability to make a bigger impact in the world, in my family and at work.”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “I am constantly running around chasing after my kids. I love that I get to care for them, but I hate that I feel lost in the process. This program helped me remember the reason why I love taking care of my family and how damn good at it I am. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with my family and I. We will now use this to teach our children.”


Are you ready to have the life you really want, even more?

Growth is uncomfortable, especially when being done alone. Having the right guidance is important. We help individuals and couples reignite their intimate life through learning to say no to others and learning to say yes to pleasing themselves.

This TRANSFORMATION will help you see how special you really are. It will help eliminate the head trash that is holding you back from living the best version of you!

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