Covert Agreements and What Are They?

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Do you know what a covert agreement is?

Do you know how detrimental they can be to a relationship?

Not just your relationship with yourself! But your relationship with time, money, people and so much more.

Recently a client, who is a divorced dad, was sharing the thing he craves most from his sweet heart. 

This thing is honesty.

Honesty to him, meant, hearing what makes his sweet heart frustrated. Knowing he is trusted with this sensitive information brings him joy.

He was able to confidently share the desire for honesty with himself and with his sweet heart. 

What he didn't realize was, he secretly wants to help make the frustrations better. 

He secretly wanted something other than what he was actually saying.

This is a covert agreement he made with his sweet heart, that his sweet heart was not aware of. 

After meeting with us, he was able to share what his desire was and what his true intention was. 

This made his covert agreement overt. 

Now his sweet heart is aware he wants to listen AND help her make the frustrations better. 

She is clear on what he wants and they are able to communicate more effectively

Do you struggle with saying what you mean and meaning what you say, so that your partner understands?

Does this story sound like something you need help with?

If so, let's chat…

If so got to to start the conversation so you can end the covert agreements and get clear on what you want!

Our hope is to help you live life by your design. With true passion and intention! 



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