What Is A Gut Instinct?

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Have you ever had a tickle or an overwhelming sense of energy surge through your body? 

Then after this sensation occurred exactly what you thought was going to happen, happened. Maybe you chalked it up to deja vu.  Maybe you laughed it off and moved on with your day.  

What is this intense feeling called?  We call this your gut instincts or your intuition. Intuition is your inner sense of knowing. 

When your body experiences these sensations, it’s your intuition telling you what to do. It feels like your whole being is electrified by this inner voice that can direct you through life. Maybe you don’t think this has ever happened to you. Maybe you’ve never had your body tell you what will happen in a given situation. 

Are you interested in learning how to recognize that intuition and trust your gut instinct? Here's How!

Leaning into your Intuition

Let’s check in with how you FEEL.  I’m not talking about how your brain is feelingLet’s think about how your BODY is feeling. Where does your body feel sensations?  Do you ever feel butterflies in your stomach or a knot in your throat? Do you ever feel pressure in your chest or a tickle up your spine? 

Maybe you’ve been feeling your intuition all along, but you never realized it.

Intuition as a Fuel for Inspiration

What body sensation makes you feel most excited?  What makes you feel most inspired? Inspiration feels like love, joy, or a warm beam of light. 

Our intuition can inspire us to do more.  To be more.  We can use it to guide us on our journey through this life. 

What if we stopped operating from a sense of fear?  What if we leaned in to the quiet moments and let our bodies guide us instead? When you get very quiet, what does your heart tell you?  What do you want at the core of your being?  Let go of the ego and trust your inner sense of knowing to direct you.

How Inspiration “Shows Up”

Our body can inspire us.  Maybe our mind tells us the importance of speaking to someone. To say it like it is and share our thoughts.  Our intuition can inspire us to make moves, big or small.

Intuition can also come to us in dreams.  Our dreams can show us what we crave.  If you were to wave a magic wand right now, what would you want?  If you had everything you needed right now, what would be left for you to desire? 

Moving Forward

How can you let your intuition be a guiding force in your life? 

What times of the day can you stop and listen to the quiet; to give your body a chance to show you what it wants? 

I encourage you to slow down and take a moment to let your intuition inspire your life.  See how your life will change once you lean in and trust the core of your being.

As you slow down and ask yourself, "What do I want," also take the time to ask, "Do I have the right helper to help me?"

We are here to support you on your journey!


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