Covert Agreements And How To Break Them

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How many thoughts do you think you have on average per day? Where do they come from? What do they look like in images?

These thoughts are fueled from your crystal clear intentions or desires you have. These thoughts might be something like, "My house needs to be clean," or "I want to live in a clean house!" 

And then there are thought provoking thoughts. Thoughts like, "Why isn't my family picking up after themselves," or "Why am I the only one that sees dirty toilets?" These are the thoughts …

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Covert Agreements and What Are They?

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Do you know what a covert agreement is?

Do you know how detrimental they can be to a relationship?

Not just your relationship with yourself! But your relationship with time, money, people and so much more.

Recently a client, who is a divorced dad, was sharing the thing he craves most from his sweet heart. 

This thing is honesty.

Honesty to him, meant, hearing what makes his sweet heart frustrated. Knowing he is trusted with this sensitive information brings him joy.

He was able to confiden…

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Get Rid of That Head Trash!

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Do you catch yourself sitting there thinking…enough is enough!! I want different in my life!

Well now you have the opportunity to start that new journey!

On this journey you will finally get rid of whats holding you back and start living your life by your design! 

Are you ready?

Ready to take action and make your dreams come true? 

Buckle up! 

Get Rid of That Head Trash!

Get a pen and paper.

No, seriously! 

Go get a pen and paper right now.

The world will keep spinning!

You can take t…

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What Is A Gut Instinct?

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Have you ever had a tickle or an overwhelming sense of energy surge through your body? 

Then after this sensation occurred exactly what you thought was going to happen, happened. Maybe you chalked it up to deja vu.  Maybe you laughed it off and moved on with your day.  

What is this intense feeling called?  We call this your gut instincts or your intuition. Intuition is your inner sense of knowing. 

When your body experiences these sensations, it’s your intuition telling you what to do. It fe…

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How to Make Better (and more inspired) Decisions in 2022

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You make a lot of decisions on a day-to-day basis. You even made a decision when you clicked the link to read this blog. You chose to devote five minutes of your time with the hope that the information will transform your life in some way. 

I promise to try not to let you down. 

The thing about decisions is that they are, and/or can feel life-altering. How you feel about a decision is not always aligned with how impactful it really is, and how you feel about a decision is not always reality. O…

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