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The Safety In Freedom Guarantee

The first progress starts with telling the truth. At Safety In Freedom we guarantee we will shed light on unknown paths and leave behind known short cuts. We are committed to providing a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment for you to express your feelings, frustrations, and emotions. Safety In Freedom also provides a high-level of accountability that further guarantees you the happiness, growth, and confidence you need to start living the life, freedom and intimacy you deserve.

Our A-List Clients Are Saying:

  • Safety In Freedom

    “Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate for her profession. She applies her education and personal experiences in helping couples and individuals to find personal growth in their own relationships. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life.”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “Whatever is the highest rating I can give to Stephanie is what I would give. Stephanie is exceptional in her field as well as a person. She is relatable and also maintains a coaching role. I enjoy being the student as well as the teacher. Working through some layers of self care and self worth is going to take time and I love the journey. Stephanie is honest, raw and authentic. I appreciate every session and I am thankful for Stephanie! ”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “My fiancée and I have been together for almost 10 years. We have 2 kids together and we’re both self employed. We have a very busy and stressful life and although we have a great relationship, we found we were arguing over petty things. We started seeing Stephanie and she has taught us not only how to communicate better but showed us why we were having trouble in the first place. She helped us make time for ourselves and cherish our time together. We are now an even happier couple because the one thing we lacked (communication) is much better now. I couldn’t be happier with our results and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you!”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “I am so grateful for Stephanie. Before I began coaching, my long-time boyfriend and I were having significant communication issues. It was taking a toll on how we treated each other and our intimate life. I was looking for break-up advice. Instead, what I received through coaching and the educational tools provided was a much deeper understanding of what was going on in my relationship and in my head. Each week had a new topic and tool. After about a month we saw significant improvements in our relationship. Our communication is now the best it’s ever been, our understanding of each other is much more patient, and we now know what the other needs in order to feel loved. Stephanie created a trusting, honest, and empathetic space for us. Thank you Stephanie!”

  • Safety In Freedom

    “Life is a journey of peaks and valleys. Sometimes in the valley you get stuck in deep mud. Stephanie has been an enlightening resource and has helped me realize things I needed to get me to a place of peace. She cares deeply for others and their happiness. She has challenged me to dig deeper within my self and it has help me revive what has been missing. On top of coaching and holding you accountable for your goals, she is an amazing friend. She will make you think and ask you questions that will open your mind to your next level. Self discovery is a never ending journey and Stephanie will be there with you along the way.”


Do you wonder....

  • Why you often feel exhausted?
  • How other moms seem to have is all together?
  • Why life feels challenging to manage?
  • How can I feel in control of my feelings?
  • Why you always feel taken advantage of?
  • Why you feel you always give but never receive?
  • If a relationship coach can help you solve your problems?

You are NOT alone!

Stephanie and many who she has worked with, know exactly what the above struggles feel like. Feeling out of control, stuck in generational patterns and loosing your sense of self is no way to live life. 

We understand that loosing your sense of self creates a separation from who you deserve to be, how you deserve to feel and how you live your life!

Using the Courageous Communication Method, we believe it is crucial for you to make yourself a priority, believe in who you are and design the life you desire to live. 

The good new is, when you use the tools you will find peace in relationships with others and more importantly with yourself!

In Fact, you will see such a drastic change in your confidence and assertiveness, you will wonder why this was not taught sooner in life. 

Now in case you are wondering...

Who does the Safety In Freedom Framework and Courageous Communication Model work for?



Empty Nesters

Women experiencing menopause


Non-traditional Relationships


Married or Single Individuals

Mentoring and Programs the way you need it!

Virtual Coaching On Your Schedule

With the ability to meet whenever, where ever, your scheduling needs are readily met. With life-time access to the materials, the support is at your fingertips. 

A Variety of Programs & Classes

Through Self-Exploration, Relationship Exploration and Sexual Health Exploration, we support couples and families with finding their true sense of self. We help you define who you want to be and understand how you want to show up in the world. 

Solo, Partner, or Small Group Mentoring

With the ability to meet you where you are at, in the ways you want accomplish your goals; Safety In Freedom. LLC will be flexible in finding ways to assist you on your journey to love. 

- Stephanie Sylvia Costello -

Relationship Mentor for Veterans and Their Families

It is time to create space for you.

You are a loyal, trustworthy, altruistic person who loves to support others. You are determined to find a way to succeed.

What others do not see is you are intuitive towards change. You are resourceful, intelligent and impactful where ever you place your focus. 

Right now you struggle with, making yourself a priority. As if there is no space left for you.


I have a question?!

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